Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free Shell Scripting Ebooks

Shell Script are languages written for operating system's shell and thus we can say Shell Script is platform dependent. For Unix operating system there is bash shell, for windows cmd.exe, for dos and other Shell Script languages are AppleScript, Windows Script Host, Korn Shell, Bourne Shell, JCL and C Shell, etc. All these Shell Scripting languages has command line interpreter and supports command line interface.
Shell scripting are easy to write even for non-programmers also. Shell script are used for debugging, file manipulation, program execution with decision etc. In shell interface, users can type various commands according to operating systems kernel specification. In Unix, Gnome and KDE are called Visual Shell. Bourne Shell, Korn Shell, C Shell etc are also used in various Unix Versions.
In this posting i wish to provide you free Shell Scripting or Shell Programming Ebooks Download links. You can learn basic shell scripting languages, Shell programming and application, Unix Korn Shell, AWK programming, Bash Shell Scripting, Sed Tutorial, Unix Bourne Shell Programming, GNU Bash Reference and POSIX, etc.
Following are free shell scripting ebooks download links. Visit these links and learn various shell scripting languages in different operating systems.

  1. Shell Scripting/Programming Ebooks Collection View/Download
  2. Sams teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours View/Download
  3. An Introduction to C Shell (Csh) View/Download
  4. AppleScript View/Download
  5. MVS JCL'S Users Guide View/Download
  6. MVS JCL Reference View/Download
  7. Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - a Beginners Guide View/Download
  8. Programming the Unix/Linux Shell View/Download
  9. Unix/Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial View/Download
  10. Unix manual Page for Korn Shell (Ksh) View/Download
  11. Korn Shell Reference Guide View/Download
  12. ksh 93 FAQ View/Download
  13. ksh 93 User Commands View/Download
  14. ksh 88 User Commands View/Download
  15. pdksh - the Public Domain Korn Shell View/Download
  16. Shell (Computing) View/Download
  17. Learning the Korn Shell View/Download
  18. The Unix Shell Guide View/Download
  19. Learning the Shell View/Download
  20. Bash Reference Manual View/Download
  21. Bash Guide for Beginners View/Download
  22. Advanced Bash Scripting Tutorial View/Download
  23. Bash Scripting Tutorial View/Download
  24. Fundamental Programming in Bourne again shell (bash) View/Download
  25. Unix Shell Script Tutorials & Reference View/Download
  26. Csh Programming Considered Harmful View/Download
  27. Wicked Cool Shell Scripts View/Download
  28. The Dos Batch File Programming handbook and Tutorial View/Download
  29. Windows Script Host (Wsh) Reference View/Download
  30. Wsh Primer View/Download
  31. Job Control Language JCL Introduction View/Download
  32. Writing Shell Scripts View/Download
  33. Example Shell Scripts View/Download
  34. Easy Shell Scripting View/Download
  35. POSIX and Korn Shell View/Download
  36. The awk Programming Language View/Download
  37. Effective awk Programming View/Download
  38. Sed - An Introduction View/Download
  39. Unix and Linux - Sed View/Download
  40. An introduction to C Shell (Csh) View/Download
  41. GNU Bash Reference Manual View/Download

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