Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free Scheme Programming Ebooks

Scheme is a multi paradigm minimalist programming language which has very simple syntax. Scheme got influence from Lisp and Algol. Scheme is a general purpose high level and functional programming language suited for text editor applications, Compiler optimization, raster graphics systems, expert systems, numerical, financial analysis applications and GIMP uses Scheme as a Scripting Language. Scheme programs are highly portable and machine independent. Scheme is considered as a dialect of Lisp programming language.
Few of major implementations of Scheme programming are MIT/GNU Scheme, Scheme 48, Chez Scheme, PLT Scheme, STk, and STklos, etc. Scheme language elements are comments, variables, functions, lists, data types, equality, control structures and input/output. Scheme programs are in block structured form.
In this posting i wish to provide you free Scheme programming ebooks download links which will guide to learn Scheme programming, Scheme language elements in detail, Scheme implementations, Scheme usage and scheme history.
Following are the free Scheme programming ebooks download links. Visit these links and familiarize in programming with Scheme and its applications.

  1. The Scheme Programming Language Second Edition View/Download
  2. The Scheme Programming Language Third Edition View/Download
  3. The Scheme Programming Language by Ken Dickey View/Download
  4. Concrete Abstractions: An introduction to Computer Science using Scheme View/Download
  5. How to use Scheme: writing scripts and programs with PLT Scheme View/Download
  6. Schematics Scheme Cookbook View/Download
  7. Teach yourself Scheme in Fixnum Days View/Download
  8. An introduction to Scheme and its Implementation View/Download
  9. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme 5 View/Download
  10. Scheme requests for Implementation View/Download
  11. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS View/Download
  12. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS - Standard Libraries View/Download
  13. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS - Non Normative Appendices View/Download
  14. Revised Report on Algorithmic Language Scheme R6RS - Rationale View/Download

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