Sunday, October 26, 2008

ALSACE AUTOMOTIVE PERFORMANCE: Automotive Industry Overview.pdf

Great article from Alsace, about Automototive Industry Overview, spanning in various topics in the past and future of Automotive and Automobile industry.


  • Vehicle of the future?
    People, technologies, imagination, audacity, an industrial tradition extremely favourable for invention.
  • Prospects
    Technological developments, concentration of operators, new consumers, safety, market globalization, respect for the environment these are all challenges to be met,the changes announced for the automobile industry.
  • Automotive performance
    Here you have it all, large global companies, suppliers, research and innovation potential and people who already work together.
  • The automobile industry in Alsace
    In the heart of Rhineland Europe, Alsace is a forum for industrial expertise.
  • Sectors of the automotive industry
    Optical/Photonic; Rhenaphotonics Alsace; Textiles-The DEC’AUTEX Programme; Plastics Processing in the automotive industry.
  • Sucess stories
    Behr; Lohr; Mark IV engine systems; Phosylab; Protechnic; Geodis; Messler-Bugatti; Bugatti Automobile SAS; Dangel.
  • The competitive cluster
    The two regions try to optimise what they have already and create what they have not. A real network has been established.
  • International visibility
    The automobile industry is a global industry segmented into highly concentrated integrators and more widespread suppliers. With 20 million new cars in 2005, Europe remains in second position behind North America.
  • Research
    Access to technology means working far upstream with research establishments and universities.
  • Training
    Alstom Transport; Behr; Codica Automotive; Core products; Dangel Automobiles; Delphi Mecatronic; Diebolt; EFFBE; General Motors; Hirtz miroiterie Industrielle; IGCLAB; Ina Roulements; Industechnic; ISRI France; Johnson Controls Roth; Jungo Engineering; Lohr Industries; Mark IV; Messier Bugatti; PSA Peugeot Citro├źn; Protechnic; Sony; Taracell France; Timken; Wartsila.
  • Finding a location
  • History

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