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Creativity in the Schizophrenia Spectrum: A Special Issue of the Creativity Research Journal (Creati

Publisher: TF-LEA
Number Of Pages: 136
Publication Date: 2001-02
Sales Rank: 1738414
ISBN / ASIN: 0805897399
EAN: 9780805897395
Binding: Paperback
Manufacturer: TF-LEA
Studio: TF-LEA
Average Rating: 5 The articles in this special issue seek to re-examine the relationship between creativity and the schizophrenia spectrum of disorders in the wake of recent research and theorizing. They revisit both empirical and conceptual findings and issues regarding connections between the schizophrenia spectrum of disorders: schizotypy, psychotic-like traits, and creativity.
Fascinating Read Having been diagnosed with Schizophrenia at a very
young age and after a few years recently experiencing
a very good recovery I found this book to be
insightful and inspiring. The book has a series of
articles from prominent researchers on Schizophrenia
and creativity. Some interesting observations were
made such as James Ogilvie's comparison of the
Schizophrenic's experience to that of a philosopher
in that both are preoccupied with foundational questions
including creativity. I also found Louis Sass's
article and critique of Kay Redfield Jamison's book
"Touched with Fire" to be very interesting in pointing
out areas where she may have overlooked potential for
more schizophrenia spectrum styles of creativity.
Particularly he considers more modernist and
revolutionary styles of creativity that Schizophrenia
spectrum individuals might have stronger affinities
with as opposed to Bipolar spectrum individuals.
All in all a great book and it helped me understand my
experience of being a 'mad creator' better and gives hope
in efforts of recovery, especially since I am a very
young man and a music technology major. Highly reccomended for
Schizophrenia spectrum individuals, loved ones, and
just about anyone else who is interested in the
fascinating relation between creativity and m


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