Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brain Aging: Models, Methods, and Mechanisms (Frontiers in Neuroscience)

Publisher: CRC
Number Of Pages: 408
Publication Date: 2007-04-19
Sales Rank: 3586736
ISBN / ASIN: 0849338182
EAN: 9780849338182
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: CRC
Studio: CRC
Bringing together critical studies of brain aging in animal models and new insights from human brain imaging, Brain Aging focuses on fundamental age-related changes in the brain rather than pathological neurodegeneration. Offering significant depth and breadth of coverage, it provides an overview of structural and functional changes at the molecular, systems, and cognitive levels. Written by pioneering researchers, it reviews unbiased methods for quantifying changes and stereological methods for clarifying the extent and nature of age-related neurological changes. It also explores the distinct methodological challenges in

herent in investigating the aging nervous system.

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