Friday, May 1, 2009

Biotechnology Annual Review, Volume 11 (Biotechnology Annual Review)

M. Raafat El-Gewely “Biotechnology Annual Review, Volume 11 (Biotechnology Annual Review)”
Elsevier Science | 2005-08-29 | ISBN: 0444519521 | Pages: 452 | PDF | 9.11 MB
Biotechnology is a diverse, complex and rapidly evolving field. Students and experienced researchers alike face the challenges of staying on top of developments in their field of specialty and maintaining a broader overview of the field as a whole. Volumes containing competent reviews on a diverse range of topics in the field fulfill the dual role of broadening and updating biotechnologists knowledge. The current volume is an excellent example of such a book. The topics covered range from classical issues in biotechnology - such as, vehicles for the production of biotechnology products and methods for their detection, separation and analysis - to topics that are focused on the role of biotechnology in the health sciences. The information presented in this book will therefore will be of great value to both experienced biotechnologists and biotechnologists in training.




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