Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Windows Vista Annoyances: Tips, Secrets, and Hacks

O'Reilly Publishing | ISBN 0596527624 | 2008 -1 | PDF | 641 Pages | 6.49 MB

Internally, Windows Vista refers to itself as Windows 6.0. When held up against Windows 2000 (Windows 5.0) or XP (5.1), that means nothing more than the fact that Microsoft considers Vista to be a major milestone, and the basis for its operating systems for the next few years at least. (It’s been seven
years since Windows 2000.)
Windows Vista is available in several different editions, each of which is supposedly intended for a different market. They’re all the same version—effectively,
the same software—differing only in the toys included in the box.
The top of the line is the Ultimate edition, available at more than twice the cost of the baseline Home Basic edition. The Home Premium and Business editions include most of the extras found in Ultimate, but at a cost only slightly higher than Home Basic. On the fringe, you’ll find the Starter and Enterprise editions, as well as Windows Home Server. See the “What Does 64-Bit Vista Get Me?” sidebar, next, for details on the 64-bit versions of Vista.

The book Contains more About :
1. Get Started with Windows Vista
2. Shell Tweaks
3. The Registry
4. Working with Media
5. Performance
6. Troubleshooting


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