Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teaching Web Search Skills: Techniques And Strategies Of Top Trainers

Publisher: Information Today
Language: English
ISBN: 1573872679
Paperback: 344 pages
Data: Oct 2006
Format: PDF
Description: Educators, librarians, and others who teach Web searching will welcome this instructor’s guide from Notess, a leading trainer and search guru. In the book, Notess augments his personal advice with examples, approaches, and techniques from a virtual “who’s who” of the search training world: Joe Barker, Paul Barron, Phil Bradley, John Ferguson, Alice Fulbright, Ran Hock, Jeff Humphrey, Diane Kovacs, Gary Price, Danny Sullivan, Rita Vine, and Sheila Webber. In addition to presenting expert training strategies, Teaching Web Search Skills demonstrates a variety of approaches to instructional design and methodology, recommends a range of essential resources, and features dozens of helpful figures, search screens, worksheets, handouts, and sample training materials.


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