Monday, February 9, 2009

Free printable logic ebooks and Electronics enthusiast

Electronics Projects for Dummies
Is a great way to break into electronics or expand your electronics horizons. Here, we provide projects that allow you to dabble in using sound chips, motion detectors, light effects, and more. And all the projects are low voltage, so if you follow our safety advice, no electronics folks will be hurt in the process. is organized into several parts, starting off
with some general information about safety and stocking your electronics workshop. Then we offer several parts with different types of projects, and finally conclude with the Part of Tens chapters with additional resources you might want to explore. This book also has a spiffy full-color photo spread of some of the circuits and finished products of several of the projects.

Plastics Engineered Product Design
For the mechanical engineer the book will be a valuable asset because it treats plastic
material selection for end use applications where factors such as thermal, chemical, electrical, optical, and environmental properties are important. The mechanical engineer will also gain an understanding of the manufacturing constraints imposed by mold and die designs as well
as the processes used to manufacture plastic products. The plastic engineer will gain a better understanding of the principles of stress analysis, failure modes in structures, and the use of computer based finite element methods for in depth stress and deformation calculations.

Do It Yourself - Computer Repair
Today's circuit boards are not repairable by the local handy man. With the advent of micro circuitry and SMD Small Micro Device technology, wave soldering, and wafer thin circuit boards component repair is out of reach of anyone who does not have a fully equipped shop.

Systems of Systems Engineering: Principles and Applications
Provides engineers with a definitive reference on this newly emerging technology, which is being embraced by such engineering giants as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. The book covers the complete range of fundamental SoS topics, including modeling, simulation, architecture, control, communication, optimization, and applications.

Logic Functions and Equations: Examples and Exercises
The field of binary Logics has two main areas of application, the Digital Design of Circuits (related to Electrical Engineering) and Propositional Logics (related to Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Complexity etc.). In both cases it is quite possible to teach the theoretical foundations and to do some exercises, but in both cases the examples that can be done in class and by hand are far away from examples that are relevant for practical problems.

Engineering structures: nonclinical analysis optimal design and identification
This special issue of International Journal for Engineering Computations contains extended versions of the papers first presented by several invited speakers at the NATO-sponsored advanced research workshop on “Multi-physics and multi-scale computer models in non-linear analysis and optimal design of engineering structures under extreme conditions”, which was held in Bled, Slovenia, from 13 to 17 June 2004, provides a computational procedure for multi-scale analysis of inelastic behavior of heterogeneous structures and its parallel computer implementation; the paper of Marovic and co-workers presents numerical models for reinforced and prestressed concrete structures with special emphasis on handling presterssing tendons and reinforcing bars; finally, the paper of Stok and Mole draws on a fruitful combination of the finite element and the boundary element methods to deal with modeling of multi-physics problem of engineering structure with its surrounding environment.

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