Saturday, February 14, 2009

Computing for the Older and Wiser: Get Up and Running On Your Home PC

Computing for the Older & Wiser is a simple-to-follow user friendly guide aimed at the older generation introducing the basics of mastering a computer. Covering the latest release of Windows Vista Home Premium(TM) and Windows XP(TM), this book is designed for people who want straightforward instructions on how to use their home PC.

Written in plain English, using no unintelligible 'computer speak' Adrian guides you step-by-step through the basics of computing including chapters on:

* Use of the keyboard and mouse
* Email and the Internet
* Customising your desktop
* Word processing
* Digital photography
* Useful websites
* and much more

Useful tips and tricks and a question and answer revision section in each chapter will build your confidence, get you up-to-date and technologically savvy in no time!

If you want to learn how to search and shop online, email or chat to family and friends, and you have the enthusiasm to learn a new skill then this book is for you.

* With explanatory screenshots in full colour
* Easy to read font
* Supplementary website - including additional exercises to help improve your PC skills, further online hints and tips, and a directory of useful resources.

9.6M pdf

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