Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beginning OpenOffice 3: From Novice to Professional

If you want to fly with OpenOffice 3.0, publish to your local wiki, create web presentations, or add maps to your documents, Beginning OpenOffice 3 is the book for you. You will arm yourself with new 3.0 tools, from creating wiki docs to automating complex design steps. OpenOffice has been downloaded almost 100 million times, and this is the book that explains why.

* You learn how to adopt OpenOffice 3.0 innovations.
* You see how to work across Windows, OS X, Google, and the Web, no matter what the format.
* Mail merges and wiki docs will never seem so simple.

What you’ll learn

You will acquire skills in stylish document creation using a range of tools, by hand and via automation. No matter whether the documents are flyers or books, you will learn automation, design, remediation, sharing information, collaboration, presentation, and output. And author Andy Channelle will talk about reports and how to produce docs formatted for wikis, the Web, Google, and other platforms.

* Design OpenOffice cross–platform documents and output them to all platforms.
* Use OpenOffice on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
* Deal with Word documents and wiki output alike.
* Learn how to produce snazzy PDFs, GoogleOffice docs, and automated designs.
* See how spreadsheets can be pretty and secure.
* Explore the dustier corners of OpenOffice, from fonts to bibliographies.

Who is this book for?

OpenOffice 3.0 is for all of us. OpenOffice runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X: the audience is enormous, and 90 millions downloads speak clearly.

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