Thursday, January 29, 2009

BSP Extensions: How to Master Web Reporting With Htmlb

BSP Extensions: How to Master Web Reporting With Htmlb
101 pages | SAP Press; 1 edition (December 7, 2005) | 159229040x | PDF | 7 Mb
Optimize the use of the BSP extensions HTMLB, XHTMLB, and PHTMLB, using the expert guidance found in this unique technical guide - the first in the SAP PRESS Essentials series. First, benefit from detailed advice on the practical implementation of each of the various elements. Then, after designing a BSP application with its pages and page fragments, learn how to develop the numerous functions such as hierarchical navigation, table selection, detail display, comprehensive search templates, easyto-use input administration and much more. In addition to the standard elements from the BSP extension HTMLB such as gridLayout, tree and tableView, you ll also get a firsthand look at the new BSP extensions XHTMLB and PHTMLB, including their complex elements such as formLayout, tabStrip and overflowContainer, just to name a few. Highlights Include: gridLayout: Positioning text and layout components tree: Hierarchical tree structures checkbox and radioButton: Selection elements textEdit: Multi-line input fields overflowContainer: Resolving overflow situations formLayout: Generic positioning elements tableView: Presenting tables Event Handling

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