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Alternative energy sources second book collection

Alternative energy sources second book collection 2nd part
PDF | 600 MB | more than 150 books


Of all the energy sources available to us, the Sun is our largest source by far, dropping 970 trillion kWh worth of free energy on us every day. Enough solar energy strikes the United States each day to supply its needs for one and a half years. Put another way, the amount of solar energy the Earth receives every minute is greater than the amount of energy from fossil fuels the world uses in a year! 1 Nearly all energy forms on Earth come from the Sun, either directly or indirectly.
To begin with, all fossil fuels are the product of organic life - forms on Earth that drew their energy from the sun. Algae and plants harvested solar energy via photosynthesis, and after accumulating and being cooked for millennia, became the substances that we know today as oil, coal, gas, shales, tar sands, and so forth — what author Thom Hartmann has called the “ last hours of ancient sunlight. ”

This is collection of books i find on the net over the years of researching, about renewable energy sources and practical guides for using them. Various books for beginners, advanced and engineers.

Energy harvesting material
Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering
Power Electronics Handbook
Renewable Energy Cannot Sustain A Consumer Soci...
Solar Technologies for Buildings
Alternative energy demistified.pdf 4,357 KB
Alternative Energy, 3 volumes in 1 [U.X.L., 2006].pdf 17,310 KB
Architecture in a Climate change.pdf 6,484 KB
Biofuels Engineering Process Technology.pdf 2,508 KB
Build_a_Solar_Hydrogen_Fuel_Cell_System.pdf 3,693 KB
Chasing the Sun.pdf 4,198 KB
Concentrator Photovoltaics.pdf 10,812 KB
CRC Press - Wind and Solar Power Systems.pdf 6,668 KB
Detail Solar Architecture {DETAIL}.pdf 55,865 KB
Ecohouse A Design Guide.pdf 6,307 KB
ECOHOUSE design guide.pdf 67,779 KB
Electric water .pdf 2,626 KB
Emerging Technologies to Benefit Farmers in Sub-Sa... 2,276 KB
energy_technology_and_directions_for_the_future.... 5,681 KB
Future Energy Improved, Sustainable and Clean Op... 11,007 KB
Geothermal Power Plants Principles, Applications an... 72,622 KB
GSES-ECOFYS_Planning and Installing Bioenergy Sy... 9,121 KB
handbook_of_biomass_downdraft_gasifier_engine_... 4,931 KB
homemade_solar_cells.pdf 1,946 KB
Next Generation Photovoltaics-0750309059(2004).pdf 6,334 KB
Nonimaging Optics in Solar Energy (Synthesis Lectur... 8,787 KB
photovoltaic_solar_energy_generation.pdf 11,026 KB
RAND Review Vol 23-03 Winter1999-2000 R200709... 776 KB
Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and S... 3,445 KB
Renewable Energy Resources.pdf 10,766 KB
renewable_and_efficient_electric_power_systems.pdf 12,704 KB
Solar_Radiation_and_Dayligh.pdf 14,757 KB
Sustainability at the cutting edge.pdf 6,662 KB
Sustainable Living.pdf 1,781 KB
The power of lite.pdf 1,935 KB
The Purple Phototrophic Bacteria.pdf 20,652 KB
Third Generation Photovoltaics.pdf 1,742 KB
Wiley Sons - Wind Energy Handbook.pdf 5,578 KB
Wind Energy.pdf 25,897 KB
wind_energuy_Siting_Handbook_Feb2008.pdf 15,056 KB
wind_power_workshop.pdf 31,065 KB
Your green home.pdf 3,169 KB


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