Thursday, December 11, 2008

Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers

Author(s): Jonathan T. Ricketts, M. Kent Loftin,
A revision of the classic reference covering all important principles and techniques needed by practicing civil engineers. The 5th Edition incorporates changes in design and construction practices, especially in design specifications for construction materials, buildings and bridges, safety and health concerns, and the most current codes changes including ACI, AISC, ASTM, NDS for wood structures, etc. The Handbook covers systems design, community and regional planning, the latest design methods for buildings, airports, highways, tunnels and bridges. It includes sections on construction equipment, construction management, materials, specifications, structural theory, geotechnical engineering, wood, concrete, steel design and construction.

Sci-Tech Book News, June 2004
fundamentals of civil engineering...latest changes in design, construction, in 23 different disciplines including systems design, geotechnical engineering

Sci-Tech Book News : The fifth edition of this reference in civil engineering features coverage of recent code changes, including AIC, ASTM, and NDS for Wood Structures, and current EPA and OSHA regulations, plus expanded information on design build delivery systems and increased coverage of stormwater runoff. There is also new information on three-dimensional modeling of pile groups, cracking in high strength steel beams, intelligent transportation, and various types of wharf designs. Coverage encompasses fundamentals of civil engineering and the latest changes in design, construction, materials, and equipment in 23 different disciplines including systems design, geotechnical engineering, and community and regional planning. Ricketts is a consulting engineer.

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