Friday, December 19, 2008

Mechanics and Strength of Materials


From the reviews:

"The book is divided in two parts: part 1 treats mechanics of materials based on continuum mechanics principles, and part 2 discusses the fundamental behavior of the strength of materials. … This book is quite concise in providing all necessary theory … . it is a fine book for university libraries to acquire as a resource." (S. C. Anand, Choice, Vol. 43 (10), 2006)

"The first edition of this textbook was written in Portuguese (1995). … All chapters enclose examples and exercises. The book gives an interesting introduction on topics of solid mechanics, the theory of slender members, and the theory of structures on an accurate level. It can be recommended to engineering students who are looking for a text book on a higher theoretical level as usually." (Johannes Altenbach, Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, Vol. 87 (1), 2007)

Product Description

This textbook gives a clear and thorough presentation of the fundamental principles of mechanics and strength of materials. It provides both the theory and applications of mechanics of materials on an intermediate theoretical level, ranging from the mechanical properties of materials through the effects of axial load, torsion, bending, and transverse shear to stresses and strains in bars and continuum mechanics. The book is aimed at graduate and advanced undergraduate students in materials science courses in Mechanical, Civil, and Aerospace Engineering departments. Due to its solid theoretical presentation of basic concepts, the book can also be used as a reference tool by postgraduates and researchers in the fields of solid mechanics as well as practicing engineers.

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