Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Civil Engineering eBooks

Free Civil Engineering Ebooks

Structural Engineering Handbook 28.23 MB

Earthquake Engineering Handbook 134MB Part 1 Part 2

Structural Details in Concrete 7.43 MB

Bridge Design Manual 2000 - Hydraulic Design 0.52 MB

Bridge Design Manual 2003 6.07 MB

Design Manual Metric 18.81 MB

ANSYS - Methods of Analysis 9.58 MB

Finite Element Analysis of Structural Steelwork Beam to Column Bolted Connections 0.41 MB

Generative Assembly Structural Analysis 1.17 MB

Structural Analysis 1.81 MB

Finite Element Method - Boundary Element Method - Course Notes 2001 0.95 MB

Finite Element Method - Boundary Element Method - Course Notes 2003 0.80 MB

Fixed Grid Finite Element Analysis in Structural Design & Optimization 0.22 MB

The Finite Element Method Using Matlab 1.02 MB

Finite Element Method Volumes 1, 2, 3 54.93 MB

Finite Element Methods - Lectures 1.11 MB

Forensic Structural Engineering Handbook 23.34 MB

Euro code 3 - Design of Steel Structures Part 1-8 General Design of Joints 2.19 MB

Euro code 3 - Design of Steel Structures 1 DD ENV 1993 11.22 MB

Metallic Materials Properties Development & Standardization 70.36 MB

Composites Materials Handbook Vol4 1.08 MB

Engineering - Structural ANSYS Tutorials

Part 1 97.66 MB Part 2 97.66 MB Part 3 97.66 MB Part 4 44.77 MB

Biaxial-Mutiaxial Fatigue & Fracture 9.15 MB

Failure Analysis Case Studies 8.43 MB

Beginning AutoCAD 2002 10.85 MB

Modeling with AutoCAD 2002 11.71 M

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