Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Anatomy of the Airplane, Second Edition (AIAA Education)

Author(s): Darrol Stinton
Publisher: AIAA Education
Date : 1998
Pages : 460
Format : PDF
Quality : excellent
Language : English
ISBN-10 : 0632040297
ISBN-13 :
The late Prof. Holt Ashley (Stanford Dept. of Aeronautics), said that this book describes with an English flavour, why the planes have such geometries, sometimes unusual.

The Anatomy of the Aeroplane was started in 1960 as a set of supplementary notes to the author’s annual lectures on Aero-Structures given at the Empire Test Pilots’ School, at Farnborough in Hampshire. The lectures were intended to give embryo test pilots an insight into the reasons for aircraft not being shaped in ways that fitted the often more elegant theories. In so doing the inherent capabilities and limitations of an aeroplane became more apparent. The capabilities and limitations were seen to be functions of specific requirements: those formalized statements of human needs that cause aircraft to be made as useful and as safe as possible within the ‘state-of-the-art’ at a given time. The seeming dichotomy of the two worlds of theory and practice — usually more apparent to the practical man than the academician — is resolved by looking at the development of an aircraft as a response to a set of requirements.

The aim of the book is to show students of aeronautics how requirements affect the application of theories, causing aeroplanes to be twisted, bent, cambered and kinked, to end up without the flowing perfection of their original, idealized, forms. It is aimed in particular at students in developing countries who, the author has found, are bursting with the desire to learn and assert their own ideas, but who cannot yet gain the practice they require. To this end a number of specialized subjects are introduced and shown in relation to the end product of the finished aeroplane. In this way the student will be able to specialize later with some idea of where his own subject fits into the whole.

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