Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pick'n up the Pace - Microcontroller Application Guide

270 pages | Square 1 Electronics; 1.1 edition (June 1999) | ISBN: 0965416216 | PDF | 11,7 Mb

"PIC'n Up The Pace" is an intermediate level applications guide covering Microchip Technology's PIC Microcontrollers. Serial communication as a means of transferring data between PIC's and peripheral chips and also between two or more PIC's is described. Use of the 93C46 serial EEPROM is detailed as an example. Since we live in an analog world, A/D and D/A are discussed with several methods illustrated for each. Conditioning signals from sensors with an analog voltage output is described. Interfacing PIC controlled systems with humans requires some math, binary to decimal conversion and vice versa, alphanumeric LCD intefacing and scanning keypads. Single wire serial communication with a PIC-controlled LCD module which can be built by the reader is included. A digital thermometer example projects brings these topics together as an example. Finally, PIC16C84/PIC16F84 data EEPROM memory, program memory paging and locating tables in program memory are discussed.
"PIC'n Up The Pace" gives the reader the tools to design and build intermediate microcontroller-based instrumentation and systems.





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