Monday, November 24, 2008

ebook-Next Generation Wireless LANs: Throughput, Robustness, and Reliability in 802.11

Cambridge University Press | 2008-09-22 | ISBN: 0521885841 | 416 Pages | PDF| 5 Mb | rar |

A book by engineer and for engineer

This exciting and comprehensive overview describes the underlying principles, implementation details, and key enhancing features of the new IEEE 802.11n standard, which has been created to significantly improve network throughput. A detailed discussion of important strength and reliability enhancing features is given in addition to a clear summary of any issues. Advanced topics are also covered. With numerous examples and simulation results included to highlight the benefits of the new features, this is an ideal reference for designers of Wireless Local Area Network (LAN) equipment, and network managers whose systems adopt the new standard. It is also a useful distillation of 802.11n technology for graduate students and researchers in the field of wireless communication.

For people who working on 802.11n, they can not afford to miss this book. This is a book written by engineers who are actually working on the real product. The book helps reader to navigate through the complex 802.11n standard, and provides valuable design techniques.

Even for people not working on 802.11n, this book still serves as a nice reference book for MIMO and OFDM technology. I am not working on 802.11n, I am working on WiMAX. but the MIMO technology described in this book is far more better than any WiMAX book.


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