Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thermal Processing of Packaged Foods (Food Engineering Series) 2008

Springer | 2 edition | October 12, 2007 | ISBN: 9780387722498 | PDF | English | 3.38 Mb | 424 pages | RS

"This book discusses the physical and engineering aspects of the thermal processing ..."

Thermal Processing of Packaged Foods, Second Edition, discusses the physical and engineering aspects of the thermal processing of packaged foods and examines the methods that have been used to establish the time and temperature of processes suitable to achieve adequate sterilization or pasteurization of the packaged food.

New features in this edition include:

1. The increased use of new packaging materials, including retortable pouches and the use of containers made from other plastic composite materials.
2. The application of newer processing methods which use heat transfer media such as hot water, air/steam, and steam/water, which are necessary for the newer forms of packaging material.
3. New methods of theoretically calculating the heat transfer characteristics during processing, including three-dimensional modeling and application of computerized fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques.
4. The implications of newer models for microbial destruction.
5. Revised techniques for process evaluation using computer models, including CD software.
6. The development of process schedules for quality optimization in newer packaging materials.
7. Important new aspects of methods of retort control.

Unlike other texts on thermal processing, which cover very adequately the technology of the subject, the unique emphasis of this text is on processing engineering and its relation to the safety of processed foods products.



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