Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunisoft IrisSkin for .NET Winforms v3.5

Sunisoft IrisSkin for .NET Winforms v3.5 | 6 MB

IrisSkin is the easiest-to-use .NET Skin solution for Microsoft VisualStudio.NET(WinForms) and Delphi.NET. It provides you the ability to make your application in skin automatically, including all forms and dialogs. You will never spend many time on programming for skin support.

Using IrisSkin, you don’t need to make any modification for your existing projects but just drop a skin engine component onto the main form and set some properties, that’s all. It can skin all forms and dialogs automatically. And the skin files can be compiled into the EXE file so that you don’t need to distribute the skin files with your EXE. At run-time, you can switch the skins very easily and you can switch to unskinned easily too. Let’s say, just one component for one project!

IrisSkin fully supports Sunisoft Skin Solutions v2 now. It means that you can use all skins of Skin Solutions v2. The professionally-UI-designed skins are mostly designed by our UI artists. Please note, we not only provide the UI controls, but also UI design! You also can create your own skins with the brand new SkinBuilder tool.


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