Monday, June 16, 2008

Handbook of Optical Engineering eBook

Malacara “Handbook of Optical Engineering
CRC | 2001-05-31 | ISBN: 0824799607 | 978 pages | PDF | 10,2 Mb

This handbook explains principles, processes, methods, and procedures of optical engineering in a concise and practical way. It emphasizes fundamental approaches and provides useful formulas and step-by-step worked-out examples to demonstrate applications and clarify calculation methods. The book covers refractive, reflective, and diffractive optical components; lens optical devices; modern fringe pattern analysis; optical metrology; Fourier optics and optical image processing; electro-optical and acousto-optical devices; spatial and spectral filters; optical fibers and accessories; optical fabrication; and more. It includes over 2,000 tables, flow charts, graphs, schematics, drawings, photographs, and mathematical expressions.


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