Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) Handbook

File : pdf, 4.5 MB, 88 pages


I. The GTAW (TIG) Process

Introduction to the TIG process.
Process description,
Advantages and disadvantages.

II. GTAW Fundamentals

Descriptions of current and voltage,
Waveform control,
Fluxes used,
Types of TIG arc starts.

III. GTAW Equipment

Selecting a power source,
Types of power sources,
Automated TIG welding.

IV. Electrodes and Consumables

Tungsten electrode types and usage,
Shielding gases and usage,
Types of filler metals and their specifications.

V. Safety

Causes of electrical shock,
Avoiding welding fumes,
Proper clothing and eye protection.

VI. Preparation for Welding

How to set the power source controls,
Preparing the weld joint,
Metal types.

VII. Joint Design and Types of Welds

Weld metal configurations,
Types of welds.

VIII. Techniques for Basic Weld Joints

Manual torch techniques for making proper welds,
Arc starting procedures.

IX. Cost Considerations of the GTAW Process

Formulas to figure total welding costs.

X. GTAW Troubleshooting

Welding process and equipment problems,
With probable causes and suggested remedies.

XI. Tables

Electrode types,
Polarity recommendations,
Filler metal specs,
Cost information,
Conversion figures.

XII. Glossary

From Advanced Squarewave to Zirconiated Tungsten.

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