Sunday, June 22, 2008

Download eBook Robust Control and Filtering of Singular Systems

Shengyuan Xu, James Lam “Robust Control and Filtering of Singular Systems”
Springer | 2006-06-15 | ISBN: 3540327975 | 234 pages | PDF | 2 Mb

Singular systems have been widely studied in the past two decades due to their extensive applications in modelling and control of electrical circuits, power systems, economics and other areas. Interest has grown recently in the stability analysis and control of singular systems with parameter uncertainties due to their frequent presence in dynamic systems, which is much more complicated than that of state-space systems because controllers must be designed so that the closed-loop system is not only robustly stable, but also regular and impulse-free (in the continuous case) or causal (in the discrete case), while the latter two issues do not arise in the state-space case. This monograph aims to present up-to-date research developments and references on robust control and filtering of uncertain singular systems in a unified matrix inequality setting. It provides a coherent approach to studying control and filtering problems as extensions of state-space systems without the commonly used slow-fast decomposition. It contains valuable reference material for researchers wishing to explore the area of singular systems, and its contents are also suitable for a one-semester graduate course.


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